New Arrivals

  • Receipt Roll (pack of 5)


  • Boom Boom 6" Plush


  • Kirby Ranger 6" Plush


  • Kirby Sleep 6" Plush


  • Toho Monster Series Godzilla 1995 (B - Burning Godzilla 1995)


  • One Piece Film Red Dxf - The Grandline Series - Monkey.D. Luffy Children


  • Liv Heart

    Liv Heart

    known for their high-quality plush animals, particularly their "Premium Nemu Nemu" line, which features incredibly soft and huggable plushies with a unique texture.

  • Shinada


    made with a soft and squishy mochi-like texture, cute design, realistic features, and its appeal as a stress-relief toy.

Yura Yura Bobble Head

Yura Yura Bobble Head, also known as YuraYura Puchi Puchi, is a popular toy from Japan. "Yura yura" roughly translates to "swaying" or "wobbling," which describes the unique characteristic of this toy.

  • Stress-relieving sensory experience
  • Popular among both children and adults.
  • They are often used as desk toys, decorative items, or even as keychains.

Godzilla Collection

Bandai's SH Monster series Figure , Keychains, Magnet, Stationeries and many Godzilla theme products!

Car air freshener & Incense

  • [amuse_amuse] - SHOP JAFT


    Squash, Crystal, Citrus, Lime (cartridge and refills)

  • [amuse_amuse] - SHOP JAFT


    Clip, Jar and refills.

  • Smooth Cologne

    Smooth Cologne

    Place under the car seat.

  • Fragrance Tank

    Fragrance Tank

    Place in the cup holder

  • Super Apple

    Super Apple

    Smelling great and fresh of apple scent. Square and jar type available.

  • Incense


    High quality Japanese incense

Liv Heart - Bolster

  • MARSHMALLOW 11" Ground Animals
  • MARSHMALLOW 11" Aquarium
  • Liv Heart POKSIN Bolster 11"

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